About Us

Tutorial Unlimited provides one-to-one and group tutoring services to university, college, and high school students; also to professionals or individuals who are seeking to enhance their knowledge personally or professionally. our Tutoring sessions focus on helping students grasp the concepts they will need to know to perform well in their class, as well as developing study strategies to effectively prepare for exams in their class. A long-term focus of empowering students is favored over a short-term problem-solving strategy. We also offer self-paced and tutor led courses or a combination of both. 

 It is in the best interest of Tutorial Unlimited to establish lengthy relationships and partnerships with our clients. Our main objective is centered on the delivery of reasonably priced tutorial service that it tailored to each and every individual irrespective of their learning style. We strive to ensure that all our clients are earnestly attended to and that none of them feels overlooked. This is the only attainable if the customer service we offer is unmatched and the work produced is of high quality. 

 Our list of clients pursuing online learning ranges from corporations, schools, colleges, training institutions and so forth. They select Tutorial Unlimited because we add a personal touch to the support we give them. It is transparent, consistent, proficient and in-fitting with their budget. We strongly believe that support is a critical element of any successful implementation.

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